The Great Gosling Pattern is now available!


Hi there! I’m Erin Jones, the quilter and designer behind Squirrel & Co. Quilts.

I’ve been sewing ever since I took a sewing class when I was 15, but I didn’t start quilting until 2015. Like many quilters, my quilting journey began with a baby quilt — a very special quilt for my first-born. I was hooked to say the least and have since created countless quilts, designed and written multiple quilt patterns of my own, and tested numerous patterns for other quilters.

Quilting serves as an expression of my sentimentality and creativity. To me, quilts are heirlooms — an expression of care in which every single stitch is infused with intention and love.

I live in rural Maryland with my college sweetheart and our two children. Aside from quilting, I work full-time as the manager of quality improvement informatics at a hospital while juggling work-from-home life with my kids. It’s wild, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!