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My Work with the Suzy Team

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As a Creative Contributor on the Suzy Quilts team, I've had the opportunity to write lots of tutorials and create some beautiful quilts and projects!

Some of my tutorials are available on the Suzy Quilts blog, but I've been contributing to The Cutting Table since it's release! Here are some of the posts I've written over the years:

Suzy Quilts Blog

The Cutting Table

The Suzy Quilts blog is a very magical and creative space, filled with awesome tutorials, projects, freebies, and inspiration! I frequented the Suzy Quilts blog when I first started quilting and learned so much - it's a total dream to now work as a Creative Contributor and provide content to help teach and inspire others!

The Cutting Table is a new digital mini magazine that you can subscribe to on a monthly or annual basis. Each month, you’ll get a fresh themed issue full of even more articles, tutorials, and new videos from the team at Suzy Quilts. In addition to receiving digital mini magazine issues, subscribers of The Cutting Table have unlimited access to all past mini magazine issues and industry discounts.


The Cutting Table is where the Suzy Quilts team goes to dream, create, play, and push ourselves creatively. I'm so proud to be a part of this incredibly fun team!

My Personal Opinion: I was curious to see how different The Cutting Table felt from the regular Suzy Quilts blog -- I felt like it would be REALLY hard to beat the amazing content shared through the blog and wondered if a subscription would be worthwhile. Friends. The Cutting Table is so worth it. While it's hard to imagine anything better than the blog, The Cutting Table truly offers special content worthy of a monthly or annual fee. I know this may come across as very "sales person" like, but it's my honest opinion that I wanted to share in case anyone has the same thoughts/questions I once had.